Should your Medical Practice Affiliate with a hospital? Considerations

The predicted trend after passage of the health care overhaul bill was that physicians would all sell out to hospitals.  We are not seeing that happen in the manner predicted.  In fact, we are seeing the opposite to some degree.  In considering an affiliation with a hospital, another practice or any type of health care organization, consider the following:  How is practice management affected?  How are patient relationships affected?  Will an affiliation allow us to achieve practice goals that we can’t achieve without the affiliation?  Will an affiliation change the way we deliver care to our patients?  What will happen to our profitability? Will our ability to fund our retirement be affected?

The best answer as to affiliation varies by practice and geographic location.  Evaluate all factors before leaping in any direction.

Be prepared for possible different moves by creating a tax friendly business structure, a recruiting friendly practice and an organization that is equipped to report on quality of care measures.

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