Five Ways to Use Social Media in Your Practice

Here are five simple ways to use social media to help your practice:

  1. Develop your social media pages.  Consider starting a page for your practice on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.  Persuade your patients to “like” your practice’s Facebook page – your postings will then be featured in their news feeds.
  2. Send health-related updates.  Send e-newsletters with short reminders or news stories of interest to your patient population.  Patients will appreciate brief tips provided at no cost.
  3.  Take advantage of online networking.  Many people meet potential employers and employees on career-centered social networking sites such as LinkedIn.   Join a discussion group with similar interests and goals.
  4.  Launch a blog.  A blog is an efficient way to provide information to your patients and the online community and another way to promote your practice. 
  5.  Post general information.  Tell us about who you are and what your practice does.

Remember to always use caution and comply with all applicable privacy and confidentiality rules when using social media sites, as well as any other media outlet.

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