Nebraska Passes Bill Expanding Telehealth Coverage

The Unicameral has passed a bill that expands the definition of telehealth, which will presumably expand Medicaid coverage for these services. Under the new law, telehealth includes all usage of medical information electronically exchanged between sites to aid providers in diagnosing or treating patients. The bill explicitly includes telemonitoring and “store-and-forward” technology in the definition of telehealth. It also removes language from the prior statute that excluded telephone conversations, e-mails, and faxes from the definition of telehealth consultations.

The bill makes a number of other minor changes to the state’s telehealth laws. Specifically, it prohibits changes in reimbursement rates that depend on the distance between a patient and her healthcare provider. Thus, as a result of this bill, Nebraska providers may be able to claim reimbursement for new services, and are protected from changing reimbursement rates based on distance.

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