Should You Consider Concierge Medicine?

Many people assume that concierge medical services are only for very wealthy individuals.  But the concierge model actually includes a wide range of services and often costs much less than what you might think.

In the concierge model, patients pay their primary care physicians a retainer in return for basic services and enhanced care. A growing number of physicians have started concierge medical practices in order to retain their individual practices.  For some physicians, the flat fee retainers are their sole source of income.  Other physicians continue to accept insurance and use their concierge patients’ retainers as supplementary fees.

The advantages to patients of concierge medicine vary from practice to practice, but can include more personal attention, house calls and even the doctor’s cell phone number for 24-hour access.

The advantages to physicians of concierge medicine include the ability to provide enhanced services to patients and to retain control over the costs of providing such services.  Many physicians practicing concierge medicine claim a deeper engagement with their patients and greater sense of satisfaction with their practice.

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