New Regulations for Supplier & Service Provider Enrollment in Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

On December 3, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a final rule with new provisions for supplier and service provider enrollment in CMS programs. In sum, three provisions are applicable to healthcare providers who participate in CMS billing.

First, CMS expanded the right to deny or revoke CMS enrollment if the provider or supplier has a previous felony conviction in the preceding 10 years. The crimes that qualify include crimes against persons, financial crimes, and malpractice felonies. Each potential violation will be reviewed under the lens of what is detrimental to CMS programs and beneficiaries.

Second, CMS may deny enrollment to a new CMS service provider, supplier, or owner if they had previously had an ownership relationship with an entity that had Medicare debt. This coincides with another rule enabling CMS to revoke billing privileges of a CMS entity if they have a demonstrated practice of submitting claims that do not fully meet Medicare billing requirements.

Third, for ambulatory service providers, the “back bill” provisions have been eliminated. This means that the services rendered while the application to CMS is pending will no longer be billable to CMS. CMS will save approximately $327 million dollars annually with this change.

The CMS rule will be published on December 5 in the Federal Register, becoming effective 60 days later on February 3, 2015. The final rule is available as a PDF at the following link:

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