State Reimbursement Policies, Legal Issues Create Continued Challenges for Telemedicine

As telemedicine expands, state policies struggle to keep up. A recent study by the Center for Connected Health Policy highlights some of the issues on the state level. According to the study, 44 states allow some form of telemedicine coverage. However, state policies vary on how telemedicine is defined and on what is covered. Thus, physicians need to review state law to understand their potential revenue streams.

Other legal issues present challenges for physicians interested in telemedicine. States vary broadly on whether they allow physicians licensed in one jurisdiction to practice electronically in other states. Similarly, few states have addressed the issue of malpractice liability for telemedicine providers. Telemedicine presents a significant opportunity to expand physician markets. However, physicians need to have a clear understanding of the legal issues that accompany telemedicine practices before they explore this growing market.

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