Effective Use of QR Codes in Medical Practice

Quick response (“QR”) codes may be an effective way for physicians to market themselves to potential and existing clients.  QR codes are barcode-like images that can store up to fourteen different types of data, including web links and phone numbers.  These images may be placed on nearly anything from advertisements to business cards, and will deliver data encoded in the image to the user’s smartphone when scanned.  Marketing experts suggest that physicians avoid merely using QR codes to provide a link to the practice’s homepage.  Physicians should instead use them in creative ways to provide unique and special content.  Some potential uses include:

  1. Educate patients—prove links to information like health tips, recent medical advances, and other online resources.
  2. Promote services—provide links to information regarding specialty services, seasonal reminders, etc.
  3. Introduce physicians—may be used to link potential patients to website bios, introductory videos, etc.
  4. Invite patients to special events
  5. Make appointments online—can place on appointment reminder cards that provide a link to your online appointment system.
  6. Link to patient testimonials on social media websites

Remember, however, to make sure that your website and other content linked to QR codes is mobile-ready, otherwise users will be unable to use the QR code effectively.

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